Meeting 2013 Hard

What does that mean? Well with a challenging and changing global market-it is not realistic for freelancers to think that they can charge outrageous rates simply because offline they went to Columbia and graduated Summa Cum Laude. It’s just not going to happen. They don’ t prepare us in college for that-you leave that fine institution with a summer internship lined up and an everglow. No, you won’t be able to  make that happen in this market.

So in 2013 you need to be able to:

1. Be Flexible. Some freelancers are very staunch in their rates, $50 for a blog post. That might work if you did not depend on freelancing for your bread and butter right away. But instead looking at that gift horse, you will have to arrange a budget of $10-15. Me? I charge rates that are totally dependent on the market and right now summer is not a thriving time. Summer is vacations, and me time-for most of us. So people take it slow in these months and do not pay what they do in the fall and winter. You have to be flexible, send out newsletters to your past clients, contact old leads etc..

2. Every week make a goal that you have to bid or reach out to over 50 propspects. That’s right, 50. It’s a good number.

3. Remember you are competing with people around the world. Unfortunately for us in the USA the $1.00 does not go far.

So take that advice and roll with it. Have a happy monday.

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