How To Write More Better (Pun Intended)


Before you tell me the title is misspelled, know that I am aware. I did it on purpose.


This entire piece is about why writers are branding themselves amateurs. How do they do that? By neglecting to spell check with human eyes, forgetting to read up on their field, and more. There are literally hundreds of free tidbits of information out there that will make you a better writer.

First and foremost have a deadline for yourself and stick with it. This means every week try to produce a set number of articles for your website. Keep it on a deadline. If you say that you are going to have an article out on Tuesday, do it and if you say you will do it later because something came up-then you are dead wrong. That my friend is the disease we know as procrastination. What would happen if Apple sat back and just said “ahh, we will come up with another piece of technology later.” They would DROWN and be forever sunk and set to Davy Jones’ locker. Maybe eons later some whelp would remember them, but on the whole they would kill themselves through procrastination. So don’t do it.

When you create a writing regime, you are instantly providing yourself with a way to be a better writer. Writers are born, but we still have to learn the English language, and all that fun stuff. So while you think you are the next Bronte, remember we all have to know our grammar. Showing a client that you have proper writing skills is exactly the stuff you need to get you moving. How do you show them? Write well and do it everyday.

Remember we said earlier that there were places all over to learn how to write better?

Well, first I am going to shamelessly plug my other website:

Author Stephen King has always been part of my inspiration. It’s not the decapitated bodies or the satanical references that get me. It’s his style and his fortitude through danger and heartache.

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

Then contact me to learn more about improving your skills. It’s a business you have to love to get better at it.