The Diary of a Dry Well

Sometimes in this economy, your well runs dry. Its normal, not all the jobs out there will lay on you or at your feet. They will be out their, but for  some periods months in some cases you will be unable to secure them.

So what can you do?

Stop crying, put on your battle gear and get physical with your keyboard. Don’t hit it or throw it away. Just push yourself a little bit more. Don’t let depression or laziness hit you up. It’s never going to happen if you give up.

When things are hard and life hands  you lemons make yourself a batch of cookies and eat them all. Work hard and you will see success. Have you ever heard of someone that was looking for a job, with their best not getting it?

Okay, well some of us have but let’s not focus on pessimism.

What I’m saying is this:

Everyday make a promise to apply to 20 gigs, and be confident. Don’t cringe, or be too humble. You have to whip it to them, but with a nice thank you and a smattering of please.

Remember that and you will succeed. I have had clients directly tell me that they picked me because I was confident. THey have also said that they expected great things from my resume.

Well, of course they should that resume shines. Be happy and boast, a shy and humble person is going to get lost in this game.

Have I helped you?

If I have tell me about it. Or tell me about when you felt a dry well and what you did to make your jobs come back to you!