Migrating Or Die

Migrating the website for http://freelancewritingworkforyou.wordpress.com/ is going to be a great thing. Right now, I do offer classes every month for you to learn more about making money writing. They are comprehensive and interactive. But, I have to update it and the only way to get this site easy to use for you is to migrate the site to a better platform. We will have an interactive forum, easy pay options, video and chat options and more. Courses and conferences will be only a click of the button away. Plus there will be an up to date job listing updated not only daily but hourly.

I started the site because there were way too many sites out there that do have a lot of information but it’s not organized like it should be. I can’t operate trying to learn form a mumbled mess of articles. So I will be creating a site that has easy to look up tabs with headings like Social media, Courses, Past Courses, Videos, Guild opportunities, and more.

If you are interested in following me through the migration then just head on over to the website http://freelancewritingworkforyou.wordpress.com/ and follow me. I will still keep it current with postings but for now it’s not going to be offering any courses until we get that migrated