Why I Took The Leap?

I have been writing as a freelance consultant now for two years, but before that I wrote all the time. I created campaigns for the National Park Service, developed lesson plans and taught junior college,mingled with the creme de la creme at an exclusive summer camp in Maine (meaning I taught Eddie Murphy’s daughters how to ride horses, and the Queen of Denmark’s grandson attended that camp as well). So, I know some things. I got around.

What made me take the leap into freelancing?

I have seen my parents one a white collar professional and the other blue collar, work hard for over 30 years. Then when they got to old they were just selectively and oh so passive aggressively taken out of the game. I was offended for them! But, the truth of the matter was that when you work for someone else you are NOT promoting yourself. You become a cog in the wheel. Did I want to live my life as a disposable cog? No, no matter what-and it has been hard I decided to take the leap. 

I admit, it’s easier when you don’t have a family to support. If you are a single Freelance writer, then you don’t need quite as much money-but it’s been eye opening. I learned that writing mills are a WASTE of time. I feel bad for anyone that signs into those. I saw that there were people from all over the world on sites like oDesk and Elance that were ready to write an ungodly amount of pages for the rate a burger king employee takes home. There were bouts of depression, but I got over it.

Luckily, being in the newspaper and authoress business helped me decide and know where to go from here.

My advice to you, keep on writing. Plug into the net and look for well paying gigs. I have taken on several websites, and found that I enjoy not only crafting my own stories and content, but creating social media campaigns as well. I made myself extremely flexible. You have too to compete in a job that is competing globally.