Bluffing: Are they?

What makes a client of yours happy? Cheap payments, Pulitzer prize winning work and a discounted rate. These are the best ways to make your client happy. But want does this do for you? You are left in the river without a paddle and the waterfall is hitting us hard. The moment when you see that happening you can begin to bet your boots that your clients’ are going to be taking you for granted.

Tips to keep you sane:

1. Let them know your hard deadline

2. Show them what you have already done for what they have paid

3.Never sign a contract that lets them off the hook if they stop paying you.

4. Work with a client that respects you.

5. Make sure that you take care of your contract, and keep that in mind when you are working on the contracting.


Client’s will try to bully you. Remember always ask for the first payment upfront and then upon completion, it will work in your favor.