Client Not Happy?

Writers are struggling all of the time to find clients, keep them vested and happy. It’s a hard road and one that we choose willingly. But, like any small business you are going to learn that there are clients out there that strong arm you, attempt to have you bend to their will and make it an unbearable miseray. Have you had to deal with this?

The first lesson you need to learn is that you are doing the best that you can. Simply put, if you put your all into a project, and a client is still not happy then offer them a way out or you get out of there. Don’t go back and forth, don’t virtually argue, just take a look at your CONTRACT (you need one) and follow those rules. They will threaten you with many things from small claims court to slander. Don’t give in-know that it’s business and business is just business.

Recently, I learned that after three weeks of work a client did not want to continue because they realized that they could write their own book. Is that something against you? No, not at all. That client wanted to work on it, did not know how to approach and was unable to use your voice. No matter what was done, it just was not a fit-that is why you have to institute the 50% up front clause.

50% up front, no changes to your contract, and make sure that you have a lawyer on retainer. Business is hard to understand but once you realize that emotion is not part of it you will be better for it.

So if your client is not happy, try to ask them open ended questions, offer them a cut rate if it was something that you did not do correctly and then move on from there. Client’s are out there even if you had a string of ridiculous jobs-make sure next time to only take on the ones that you can find enjoyment with.