When it rains it pours… and other cliches

Love this!


So personally, I enjoy a good cliché. And it’s raining today, good weather for ducks and all that.
I was wondering if it was possible to write a blog post filled with overused library/librarian phrases and ideas. Perhaps it’s a bit whimsical. Perhaps it’s a bit… pointless. Oh, whatever. Here goes.

It is a rainy day in London. (Yes, I’m aware that it is always a rainy day in London). So I did what I usually do and rolled myself out of bed and my hair into a bun. Once I’d donned my favourite tweed suit (of which I have many) and climbed into my super high black heels it was almost time to go.

My outfit is never complete without spectacles so I placed them carefully on my face and peered out from under my long fringe. They’re black with Dame Edna style rims, of course. I’ve tried to wear…

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