Why Do I Write?

I have been working hard, and during this time i begin to reflect on why I became a full time freelance writer in the first place. You could say for freedom, or perhaps in the spirit of being an American. It’s entrepreneurial that’s for sure. But, then you have those weeks-let’s be honest where multiple client’s conceded that they simply cannot pay you, or perhaps the pay system is delayed, then you have clients to be contact you with an offer that would not pay the rent in a shack in Bombay.

Don’t worry, that’s not what you are supposed to do right? Well, to be honest a true writer, and business owner worries alot. Not because we don’t think that we can do it. It’s entirely the opposite, we worry because we want to have a satisfied client or two.

Not everyone can be honestly happy, but you have to try your hardest. In the beginning I went off of the idea that i was simply a really good writer-which of course i am. But, not everyone likes a singular style of writing.

I like Austin, but you might be a Steinbeck lover all the way, both are well written, but not the same. Who is to say that Austin is worse than or better. This week I began to question my schedule, and after two years in business I decided that writing for you is great, but I still need “me” time. So somehow through the kids, the home office, the workload and more-I am going to write for me for one hour at least.

We will see where it takes me-maybe back to that place of writing that I came from in the beginning.