Content Created For Client: Rust-Oleum For Finishing Wood Toys

Suggested Title: Finishing Wood Toys? Use Rust-Oleum



Wooden toys have been part of childhood since the first man was able to put a knife to a piece of wood. In those times, the simple look of the object was more than enough, but as time wore on children and toymakers developed a more sincere pallet. This pallet included a plethora of new ideas and materials. Now since you are making your own wood toys we have decided to create a  tutorial that will help you finish those toys  easily and beautifully.  We like to use Rust-Oleum, it’s safe and non-toxic when it dries in most cases and is a great product.


Most Rust-Oleum products are non-toxic when dry. Of course this makes putting it on a child’s toy perfection, because you don’t have to worry about the toxic affects and the color is long lasting.  Plus, if you go into any retail supply spot they usually sell a can or two of this material so it’s easy.  Often times, the hardest part about finishing a child’s toy is the painting process, luckily this paint makes it easier.


First, you have to decide on the type of Rust-Oleum to use. After a painstaking process we have found that Universal Gloss spray pain works the best. It’s easy to use and is also  a fade and chip resistant product with a guarantee. Every color from gloss pure white to gloss hunter green is available for your toy making process.


How to Apply Rust-Oleum To Your Toy


First,  make sure that you have sanded and removed any debris from it- because if you don’t your paint is going to look bumpy and the color might be chipped in some spots because of the precarious surface. So before you paint make sure that all the dust and debris is wiped away from the surface of this item.


Next, after you have ensured that you have a clean toy and area to work in lay done some newspaper so that you don’t get the paint on anything but the toy itself. Keep it away from anything that you might not want painted, like cars, houses, clothes. Of the spray painting is going to occur outside make sure that you have a low wind velocity, too much and you might end up being painted too!  Most prefer a well ventilated area like a wood shop or outside simply because the spray paint does have fumes.


Spray painting does require you to take other safety measure for yourself, for instance unless you want to have hands stained from colors you may need to have gloves on,  and something that you can wear over your clothes.


Now place the item on the paper and begin to shake the bottle for 2-5 minutes in order to ensure that the paint is mixed correctly. Test the color on a piece of plywood or other scrap material first to make sure it is something that you want to spray on the wooden toy in the first place. Make sure that you look for any irregularities when you are spraying that paint-testing your color is very important in order to achieve the perfect look. Move the can side to side when doing it os that the color is evenly placed. If you hold it too close you will not have the desired color you need or you might pool the color in a place where it becomes drippy.


Then press the button while you are moving, and release to ensure that you are applying the right amount of pressure with each spray. If you prefer you can spray it up and down and ensure that you have picked that one direction to stick with it. Also make sure that you spray in a single direction instead of several at once that you need to keep in mind. There you have it once you have applied the paint let the color dry for an hour and reapply using the same process when you need to add more color.