How To Become A Network Engineer :Client Work

Network Engineering might be your dream job- you might be wondering what and where you need to go to get that job. A Network engineer refers to a computer network of course. Reasons to be a network engineer offer great pay, great company, and perfect benefits will happen for you. You can list some ways to help you get the cool network

engineering an boost your career.


At a Glance:

  • Research and develop a plan
  • Figure out what path you are taking: College, Certification or Military
  • Visualize your goals
  • Work hard and continually research



 Getting Training and Certifications


The most direct way to get your job started is to begin explaining and understanding your career. First, when you start researching look into getting vendor certifications. The most popular is Cisco Certified Network Associates. Cisco tests all areas of network certification and for many network designers this is the best way to get recognized in the field and to make money. The tests are reputed to be the hardest tests out there and at the same time these tests offer you the options to get you the training that you need in order to get the content for the job to begin. The one thing that works best with Cisco training is that CCNA would highly recommend  beginning with one of the great books. Go to the book store and find a book that keeps your attention and makes the process easy to ready. The practice tests should include information based on the Cisco testings.


The training that you may and will get comes from various sources including on the job training. But, in order to really make the money you need you have to get those certifications to push you through it all. Besides on the job practice you have to take the next step and that is go to college or at least a technical school. Most colleges offer IT certifications and degrees in conjunction with Cisco. If you don’t have the money for college you can even get your training form the military. Most military installation like the army, air force and navy offer on the job training. Choosing this route does three things, first it keeps you fit and fighting, second you get hands on certifications, and third you have the money to get into college for more certification when you rare done.




Do you need a degree?


No you don’t, but will most certainly need a CISCO certification to get you the money that you need and to be taken seriously as an engineer. Yes, you need to pass the CCNA and the CCNP to take the CCIE but you don’t have to have it as a prerequisite you can skip all the way to the CCIE if you need it. The basics here is that you simply need to have a backup. You don’t have to wait to take the CISCO test-but if you are already in a degree course.


People think that you need to complete the CCNA or CNNP in order to take the CCIE.


Becoming a network engineer may be your dream, and believe us we know that it can be a minefield out there when it comes to figuring out your dreams and what you can gain from it all.