What you were born to do

“The past is not your potential. In any hour you can choose to liberate the future.” Marilyn Ferguson.


Executive level jobs are not hard to come by if you know how to find them and to network in order to get them. Women who are seeking executive level jobs have a hard time in those jobs for various reasons. One of them is of course is struggling to identify a balance in both home life and a work life, chronic financials upsets, undervalued and not respited, no joy or mention in the work life. An interesting fact is that in the years 2003-2006 married mothers who were employed were more likely to do household chores and provide childcare than full time employed fathers, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics.


The work and life balance is one of the hardest points to maintain. Commit to getting that balance in your life and then move into it from there. Committing to do it is hard, it takes about thirty days to bring about actual change in your life or rather it takes that time to behaviorally modify yourself. Remember there are three things that matter most to professionally employed women and this includes work, relationships, and your performance at your job. Now in order to be able to be successful you have to understand a few things about yourself. Make a commitment to saying things like “to be a loving mother” or “to be an inspiring leader.” These words will help you to become the person you need to be in order to be happy in your life.


These achievements are things that you want  to bring to the table and they are things that you cannot compromise on. Commit to working on building a better work and life ratio  and do not let anyone distract you from it. In fact take another look at your life and move forward from there. Commitment to executive jobs and family life are both very important things and as you already know both of them are extremely demanding.


Next, take control of your chaotic money cycle. This means you have to be connected with your money and begin to realize your intrinsic worth. Have a strong budget and work it out with strong goals and then stick to it. Create a way that allows you to examine your spending, and stop over spending. Look at your beliefs about money and examine where those thought patterns came from. Did your parents spend quite a bit? Other important components include understanding what you talents and skills are. Those things that are inherent or rather innate in you. Regardless of what you may think you have them. There are things out there that excite and interest you and if your job is not one of them then it’s time to move on. The key here is figuring out what those things are. Also, remember there is no easy way to balance or create a questionable mode of living. In fact, thinking about the best ways to live are only thoughts and they will not get you anywhere.


Another component to learning to advance in your career is to claim your respect. How do you do this? Speak up about who you are and think about what is important to you. If something needs to be important to you. Make suer also that you are doing work that brings joy and meaning. If your current job is the reason you are not finding any meaning, then you can easily create a new career.