Executive Materials: 5 Reasons to Research Job Seeking Competition on LinkedIN

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overhauls and looks like work.” 

Thomas A. Edison


LinkedIn, we have been exploring this site a lot, but with reason-it is one of the number one platforms to gain employment. From this site you can easily connect with past colleagues, and gauge potentially new groups of people to connect with that might be able to give you a job. But, it also serves another purpose. It can help you decide how to look better and be better based on other people’s profiles.


First think of LinkedIN like an online job fair. There are millions of people using this site to gain networked jobs. Just like a fair, you show up shake hands answer some questions and leave. With the increase in transparency professionals on the site can check out the careers and the long list of attributes for their competition. This will give you some insight into what they are  up to and of course help you to get a leg up in the job search.


From LinkedIN you can see who is being promoted, who is on a fast track to success and who is in the same boat you are. The executive job search is a tricky one, it is a full time  job in itself, so looking at competition can only help you to be a better job seeker. Use LinkedIN like a research portal, because that is what it is.


Five reasons to use LinkedIN:

It gives you insight on your own future


You might be moving fast in your field, and you want to look at others who have raced to the top just like you are doing. Or you just might want to have extra insight into the job that you are trying to get. Or even still you want to see why that other competitor was hired instead of yourself. Whatever your reasons they are exactly what you need to keep in mind while researching.


There various career paths, groups to join and of course a history left behind of the other executives who have trodden the lane you are standing on.


You can form new networked relationships


With linkedIN you can connect to primary, secondary and treaty contacts. They all come through your primary connections. There is no other site around that allows you to field business contacts in the same way. This is what makes LinkedIn invaluable, you are using it to put fingers in all the pots to find out what contacts would work best for business.You can write a personal message to these people with queries asking them about their current job hunt and how it is going for them.


You can discover what companies are hiring in your field


Look around and see what companies employ executive level staff with your history of expertise. You will be amazed to find out what companies are hiring mid level executives in your field, many of them are not the largest but they are still hiring. This research is invaluable.


You can see how well you skill set matches up with the rest of the competition.


Yes, that’s right the primary purpose here is to see how well you matchup. Why are you not getting emails back? Or any responses for that matter? You will find the answers here. There is nothing more alarming then realizing that no one is looking at you. No longer do you have to worry about that. Now, all you have to do is try to keyword search for your job title, looking at the profiles of those in your field and see the consistent results. This gives you a valuable insight into the company you propose to work with.


Gain a better understanding of how well you need to tune up your account.


LinkedIn allows you to set your special keywords so that searchers can easily find what they are looking for. So using the method of searching for competition with keywords is going to have you moving up in a matter of minutes as long as you apply the knowledge now.


Using all of this insight to a gain a perspective can only help you achieve your dreams of getting that executive level job. By understanding what your competition is doing and the flaws that your profile might have you will be able to create the best profile in your field. You will have a great idea of how well your profile is doing the minute you update it according to the terms we discussed.