Part 4 – Worst Social Media Advice (Big Data)

Chad - Rappin' On Social Customer Service

big dataGood afternoon everyone! Enjoying your weekend? After another long week on the road I sure am. I can’t believe it snowed today at my daughter’s soccer game! That’s Michigan in April. I’m ready for spring, the golf course, playing outside with the kids and our outdoor fire pit. What are you looking most forward to?

Thanks for joining me again this week although I have to admit the Saturday blog routine has got to end, can’t wait for a week at home and getting back to my normal schedule.  I hope you enjoy this week’s post and you’ve had at least one take away from my 5 week blog series on bad social media advice.

This week the countdown reaches the second worst social media advice and that’s all the talk and no action around ‘Big Data’.

You may be familiar with the term ‘Big Data’ but until I started…

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