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How To Become A Freelancer: Course Overview




Hey Guys! Happy Saturday-if you are like me you are writing everyday -there is no rest for the writer!

Today I wanted to discuss the course offered in May 2013 “How To Become A Freelancer”

The video explained that the course is 4 weeks with a Wednesday Webinar , an overview of the material will be sent on Monday, then reviewed on Friday of that week.

Courses like these are important because as we talked about yesterday you are competing in a GLOBAL MARKET. The world’s population is 6,973,738,433! So you have to be competitive and this means learning all of the time!

The course Syllabus:

Week 1

Introduction to the World of Freelance Writing

We will discuss the first steps which will include deciding on what your niche is, being open to taking on other niches, learning about building credentials.

Guest Speakers Will Include: TBD

Week 2

Building Your Portfolio

Hands down the most important week because we will be discussing the best websites to get on, the best way to lay out your site and I will be offering free website evaluations. Then later in the week we will discuss in our forum the results.

Week 3

Creating Your Workspace

WIll you be working form home? Part time or full time? We will be talking about the best ways to organize your home office, the most important thing: scheduling.

Week 4:

Learning how to market

This week will be focused on learning how to market yourself and we will be using sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to begin with. There are a lot more to look at, but in the beginning we have to keep it narrowed down a bit.


So there you have it! Our first course will be comprehensive, each participant will walk away knowing how to work, and hopefully you will be participating in our Commando forum, where $25.00 a month will get you access to the best jobs available daily.

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$150.00 for 4 Weeks!