Sample SEO Proposal: Interested Contact Me $299!!





Projected SEO Timeline: 40+ hour initial commitment, not including 20+ hours/week for ongoing management

Stage one:

Web Analytics run through

Identify Traffic Streams

Research landing pages

Assemble Campaign Strategy proposal

  1. Revise TITLE and META tags through X-brand site to incorporate optimal keywords, breadcrumbs, potential removal of META keywords, Salesforce tags adjustments
  2. Adjust existing internal link profile for X-brand website
  3. Adjust existing internal link profile for X-brand client websites, a process which includes restructuring linking on client sites with different anchor text, embed keywords into TOS of client websites, build a matrix of anchor texts to support the diversity of link profile we want from our client websites
  4. Develop up to 50 pages of keyword-driven SEO content
  5. Paid Link building campaign – identifying link building opportunities from link brokers to target our desired high value keywords. Also, press release blasts
  6. Organic link building campaign – develop manual strategies to acquire new links naturally through the negotiated use of content writing, content hosting, article submissions, link exchanges, and other forms
  7. Image optimization throughout X-brand websites
  8. Adjust demo pop-outs on websites
  9. Renovate FAQ section of the site
  10. Define how best to utilize our blogs for link building
  11. Hone down focus of SEO campaign to high ROI keywords and design additional campaigns to boost these phrases in the rankings
  12. In depth evaluation of keyword rankings and link profile on a monthly basis
  13. Monitoring of Webmaster Tools and Analytics to ensure website is displaying correctly (without dead pages) and without interruption
  14. Usability adjustments and improvements to websites – VIDEO!!!
  15. Incorporation of new sales initiatives into SEO campaigns as they arise
  16. Assemble marketing expense reports on a monthly basis for evaluation by President




SEO services and Internet marketing for client. To be performed on an ongoing monthly basis.


Immediate Project Goals:

To assess the current website for User and Search Engine Friendliness, conduct keyword research, and set-up PPC campaigns.


Long-Term Project Goals:

To establish a monthly Internet marketing campaign for client that will:

directly generate a high volume of quality traffic attain Internet Branding and Saturation for client rank highly for competitive search terms

After achieving immediate and long-term project goals, potential clients will find client on the Internet through multiple venues, including:

natural listings on major search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo, MSN) pay-per-click listings on major search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo) news and press release sites local directories and searches

industry authority sites blogs and social media networks


Option 1 – Package Pricing & Monthly Breakdown SEO Services:

 on-page SEO for up to 15 pages, annually, including: o extensive keyword research o hand-crafted, unique Title, Description and Keyword META tags o keyword optimization of on page content o on and off-site anchor text optimization o source code optimization o maintenance of SEO to pages based Google and Yahoo search engine

algorithm updates

 ongoing competitive analysis

 search engine rank monitoring Pay Per Click Campaign:

 set up of Pay Per Click campaign in Google

custom Pay Per Click Google ad creation

 up to $125 in monthly click costs included

Link Popularity and Online Advertising Services Include:

 up to $50 paid inclusion in popular web directories such as Best of The Web and DMOZ, and/or paid links and ads, monthly

 registration in over 500 free SEO friendly web directories SEO Friendly Content Creation:

 5 professionally written* core website pages, annually (up to 400 words per piece; one round of edits)


 up to 30 minutes consulting time, monthly  recommendations for additional online advertising venues

Total Option 1: $600/month Set-Up Fee Option 1: $600

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Option 2 – Package Pricing & Monthly Breakdown

Option 2 includes all items in Option 1, plus:

SEO Services:

 on-page SEO for up to 15 additional pages, annually (up to 30 pages total)  HTML sitemap creation  robots.txt validation  Google sitemap utilization

 XML sitemap setup Pay Per Click Campaign:

 set up of Pay Per Click campaign in Yahoo & Google!  custom Pay Per Click Yahoo! ad creation  up to $125 in additional monthly click costs (up to $250 per month total)

SEO Friendly Content Creation:

 5 additional (10 total) professionally written* core website pages, annually (up to 400 words per piece; one round of edits)


 up to 30 minutes additional consulting time, monthly (1 hour total) Social Media Marketing:

 social bookmarking of key website pages to Digg, StubleUpon, Technorati, Reddit, and over 50 other social media websites

 blog directory submissions for existing company blog, if applicable  ongoing social media network recommendations – includes specific recommendations

on how best to utilize MySpace, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and other upcoming

social media networking sites in your SEO campaign.  online & social media reputation monitoring

Website Maintenance:

 up to 30 minutes of minor website additions or content edits, as necessary