Sample Medical Blog: Codes Do Change : Created for Medcare MSO

They are always going to be changing and what does this mean for you? Well, it means hard time all around, and more work and more hassle. The new ICD10 will have 14,400 different codes. Of course all of them recreated to make your life and job easier-of course.

Are you prepared to make these changes? Have you started working with your billing team? If you have, congratulations you might make it by the deadline and for those of you who have not-we really suggest you contact Medcare MSO today.

We are a team of billing experts that are ready to prepare in order to meet the changes by the deadline in 2014.

With the New Year upon us, official ICD-10 coding themes are being released. Even for 2013 there will be some changes already implemented. Staff are going to be making all sorts of billing and ding mistakes. But we won’t-take the leap with our staff and leave the work to us.

It might seem easier to try to train your own staff, but in fact it isn’t. It might seem faster to work within your own practice-if it were then why are so many of your colleagues outsourcing?

The changes are coming, fast and hard. Many organizations will not be able to hack it, and guess why? Too late they will end up realizing that the changes are hard to train into coders that have not had the proper past training.

They will be the ones contacting us when we are overbooked and looking for help.

What about Encounter Codes?


Encounter codes-first on the claim, and explain the reason for a patient’s visit right? While they are not the diagnosis they do serve a purpose still. They explain why the patient came into your office in the first place and of course what went on.

Well guess what? These codes are changing, the old codes were the most basic of explanations, not anymore. These new codes are set around a whole practice of results.

They say things like “This patient’s exam was abnormal and we need to look at their results again.” See- we told you that they are more detailed.

Trying to keep everything going smoothly is hard enough, but with a whole new set of codes your life is going to be harder still.  It’s going to change the way your run your medical practice.

We know that medical billing has to be swift, efficiency and knowledgeable or you would never be paid. How can you concentrate if you are having to train your staff?


Avoid Hassles with the new codes

Ask yourself do you have the training? 

Have you started your Plan A  yet?


Remember, there are too many things that can cause you to have serious issues when it comes to educating and training your staff. If you don’t have a Plan A yet how can you hope to have a Plan B?

Most if not all of your colleagues have begun to outsource their medical billing and coding to Medcare MSO and others. We are there to help you get through all of this and save yourself unwanted stress. Check out our team of professionals today.