Sample Fashion Content Created In 2012: Have You Heard of the Brooklyn Look?

Words like approachable and other words like fashion are thrown around when it comes to this style. It’s like a white pantsuit from the 1970s’ it’ just not a hotspot of fashion for many people. But, the looks have changed dramatically. Don’t get it wrong it’s still glamourous and peacock like-if the peacock had a nest somewhere and was not strutting their stuff across the street.


Mary Stephenson told the NYtimes that it was “glamour” but with less polish. The style has been developed among the brownstones and is well know among the people who live there. Gold lame but a shirtdress-see not a pantsuit-makes a big difference. SO you are still wearing gold buy you can take your kid on a scooter, or go grocery shopping without feeling like you are going to be a fashion faux pax.


Jennifer Makins is the owner of a  well known chain of fashion called the Bird, it is part of a small chain of boutiques. The land of kale chops, couture baby cloths and bourgeois Hemet’s is teeming with fashion indie style.


The pieces that Mankin has on her racks makes the Brooklyn style more approachable. Designers like Isabel Marant, Rag & Bone and Rachel Comey are a few of the names featured in the chain.


Like Mankins told Yahoo News, “there are stores in Denver and London because they can sell the Bird style. The style needs to be energetic, and Brooklyn shows this like nowhere else. Just like the show on TLC Big Brooklyn Style the fashion is real for women and men of all sizes.


Flea markets meet designers amid milk crates with old vinyl LP’s. No doubt the images that your conjure up when you try to summon the Brooklyn style are hard to transplant. The chunky vintage bling-you can still be approachable.


One site exemplifies the fashion of Brooklyn. The location is ethnic, hot and awesome. The clothing meets every type of person that it can and moves from there. The Brooklyn Style Foundation created this event, and presents it weekly to 501c3 nonprofits. They have emerged as one of the leading fashion events showcasing the talent of spiring designers form the local area and of course from the globe.


Brooklyn style is unique, cozy, and post it’s the clothing that you want to wear.The flavor is like tattoo art and military fear all wrapped in one bundle. It’s like Macy’s met Brooklyn n in the 1980s. What else can we say,that the clothing is unlike anywhere else and you can only find it here.