Sample Fashion Content Blog: Teen Blogger Has A Book

Tavi Gevinson has done more in 16 years then some people have done in all of their 30 yeras. She is the writer, and darling of fashion world who has launched a blog since she was only 12, in fact she was part of the first row in fashion in New York and Paris, and let’s not forget Tokyo. Yep, she has made it big and bigger and the sky is the limit for this teen.


She has her blog and picture up everywhere, from Prada to the New Yorker. Her editor has been influential in the publication of the ”Rookie Yearbook One.” A simply compilation of articles and drawings from her website that she began about 15 months ago.


Having always known that she would be printing it all there has been no better way then to showcase her work via a book, it was the logical next step. The second book is already in the works. The book obviously has a young audience, but that doesn’t stop some of the older generation from picking up a copy and looking at it a little more in depth. The yearbook is not a girls guide to drinking strawberry milkshakes or eating cheeseburgers at the diner. No, it’s a year in fashion with a fresh perspective and surprising  sophistication for such a young author.


“I decided to make a website and now a book that didn’t talk down to teenagers and had beautiful art, fine articles about TV and all of that.” Gavinson stated recently to the New York TImes when asked about her book.


The book is more than 300 pages of content. Gavinson works  from a platform with more and more content for the younger crowd.


“I realized recently that most of my memories are of things that never happened–I rarely get nostalgic for actual events, just for a book… This summer created the kind of moments that I always thought would’ve existed in my memory as fantasies. But they were real life!” (Excerpt from Gavinson)


Everything from appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to a book deal, it’s all opening up for the young girl. She is truly one of those people who has benefited immensley. Her blog is filled with 15 month’s worth of content that fashionistas can surly take a look at and love.


She began her blog at age 11-she even interview Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and gave advice about love and guys to her readers. Actor Paul Rudd even spoke with her for a while. She thinks that her blog helped her get through middle school, well it did and it is going to be getting her through more than that. She is unfazed by this success and the status that it has been heaped on her from the blog. “I enjoyed feeling I make something and people understand it, and that there are other people going through the things that I go through.”