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Data Quality Assurance


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Certis provides all of the tools our top level clients need to gain high results.  Our services begin with the basics like well header data and log curves. Then from there it can be expanded to include transient pressure data.


Within an ever changing culture the need for expert storage and accumulation data conversions is imperative. Otherwise, you can be left decades behind or spending more money then you had to on services that would have already been taken care of.


We can:

  • Clean and merge data
  • Create a well rounded structural foundation
  • Research activity
  • Design solutions based management practices
  • Use modern and state of the art software and leading experts to create quality you can count on.


We at Certis provide you with a constant improvement process, and a well rounded team of experts who have the stellar executive level ability to create data improvement like you have never seen it before.



Data Cleaning and Merging


With the desire to achieve and create quality work in front of us and certainly in our track record-we at Certis are ready to create the well-header, drilling parameters and other needs that your company has to create a symbiotic union of data and application.  We are the foundation of E&P operations that you need in your company.


We merge data from other sources, locate missing information like missing values and correct errors that we find immediately. Then we will ensure that all of the content comply with the current riles and staidness of the business you run and any other federal, state or local compliances that is need.


Our reason behind this? Cleaning and merging ensures lifelong progress and usability features that are necessary to run and continue to run any operation.



Data Augmentation


As you may know geoscientists and engineers require field studies to have an accurate amount of data as an accessory in order to create and comply with findings. We understand that the number one issue that many geoscientists are facing at this point is lake of data or the fact that they have to seek it out manually.


We believe there really is not need for this. In fact out knowledge and the ability that we have to extract all of the technical information from the site can easily be achieved.


We offer:

The ability to mine out all possible data sources

A complete profile and targeted analysis

Script building in order to extract and load data

The ability to decode serial numerous for information



Certis creates high level data management solutions to the oil and gas industry weekly and daily.