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Don’t worry about your pet’s location ever again!


Pet’s need to be free to roam, and with the latest technology out there you no longer have to worry about your pet being abducted.


With our pet tracking system you can easily track where your pet is  and where they are going. The system allows you to see where they are from your mobile device and your computer. It’s attached to the animals collar and is worn at all times allowing you to easily find them. The locators give you peace of mind and control. It’s not harmful and does not involve any in depth processes like a microchip. It’s alerts you when your pet is on the move. The system is safe and waterproof. Even if your animal is swimming they can still be located.


The system combines fast track technology with recovery options and support. You will never have to wonder where your pet is ever again. Simply look on the locator screen. If it’s hard to see them then zoom in to find them. The rest is up to you.


Watching your pet with a collar tracker can alleviate the stress that comes with being an owner and worrying about their whereabouts. Also the tracker can also help you monitor how active your pet actually is. That way you can decide if your pet needs a workout and more activity, or if they need to slow it down a little.



The device easily attaches to your pets collar, and can is easy to set up to synchronize with your mobile device. It’s simply the most effective and humane way to keep track of your pet at all times.