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 CISCO Certified Employee Salary Is Far Above Average

 There are many reasons why you should advance your career in the Information Technology field.The more knowledge you have and experience the more leverage you have when ti comes to negotiating your salary. We have taken a closer look at high earners in the field of Cisco certification and have found that the certification is the big boost that you need to make more money.


For some who are interested in pursuing network engineering and architecture there is a Cisco certification for that. The decision to achieve Cisco certification in the first place already sets you apart from the average wage earners. The decision to get your Cisco testing done in the first place is a huge leap. Pursuing the career of networking engineering and architecture within the Cisco certification process will boost your income up to 80%.  The Cisco certifications are not only popular because they are an important asset but they are also created to get you the pay you always dreamed of. The practicing professionals that are Cisco certified and have seen gainful career increases because of that are most likely extremely happy they chose to get their certifications.Cisco certifications are going to help you get more money if you are already employed in the field and  of course advance you up the ladder if you are not.


According to an IT Director makes $157,197 and a Senior Project Manager makes $129,091-those are their average salary rates.  Of course, The CEH field has its own set of earners as well. For instead the Security Engineer, Information systems makes $121,509 and a Penetration Tester $174,524. In the CCNA certification field a Network Engineer makes $89,103 a year and Information Technology Director makes $153,261 as well. With all of these six figure incomes going around-there has to be some correlation between Cisco certification and job performance.



Cisco examinations require a little bit of money to take, but the rewards are far great then the money you expend. Where else can you make six figures in a matter of years? 


How To Increase Your Salary?

First take an exam,and choose from one of the following:

  • CEH
  • CCNA
  • A+


So how to begin? First, gauge your personal experience level. Is this your first time in the IT field? Or have you been a seasoned pro for over 15 years? Then find the certification level that belongs to the stage you are at right now. There are two paths that you can pursue however. The first is to take a single exam and the second is to take two exams. The two exam requirement is usually suggested for candidates who have only a minimal amount of experience.


Cisco professional level certifications are always a valuable tool. The ability to move up in the ladder cannot be undervalued. Each year Cisco certified engineers have increased their monetary value threefold. Did you know that some HR managers use Cisco certification levels as a hr screening? That means if you do not have your certifications and another candidate happens to have theirs you will find yourself passed over. However, the number one skill that most hiring managers are looking at includes the ability to research and think independently. Of course working on your Cisco certification will show potential managers and hiring agents that you can do what they need you to do which is: lead their company in the field of IT. CNBC reported that this is the fastest growing field around and it’s projected to go further.