How To Write Your First Novel

It’s hard to begin the process. But luckily there is a lot of information out there. I mean you found me here didn’t you? Writing a novel takes commitment, it’s much more involved than a simple aritcle. It is more than a few paragraphs it is a commitment.

My favorite inspiration lately for novel writing comes form Stephanie Myers:

Has your writing process changed since your first dream prompted you into writing?

Stephenie Meyer: “It has. It’s gone through some evolutions as I experiment with different ways to do things. With Twilight, I didn’t know it was going to happen when I wrote it. It just was writing to find out the answer. With the others I had to start outlining. I had to be more careful because I knew when I started the sequel, New Moon, where it was going to end, so that takes a lot more work to tie up the threads. And I’ve experimented with a couple of other things on the side, so I haven’t really consolidated what I do. The biggest change is that when I started writing I had three kids under the school age all day. All my kids are in school full-time now so that really has been the biggest change in my writing style.”