Example of a Low End Social Media Plan


Interested in social media? First you have to know that it’s not a quick enterprise. Secondly, the person you hire to do your social media work has to understand your company’s brand. The plan outlined here was created for a client with a small budget.

The rate per week: $250.00

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Social Media Campaign proposal



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBJD28b9E38&hd=1 (I would like to see video’s like this use by 123helpme. They have over 11,000 followers-and are using webinars like this weekly.


You tube video once a week.



Facebook campaign:

Target audience ages 20-35 and from the U.S.


Example Facebook ads

School will be starting soon. We just added 35,000 additional FREE essays to 123HelpMe.com to help students everywhere. Enjoy!


Today we wanted to spread some love, so we added 20,000 FREE essays to 123HelpMe.com. We hope you enjoy them! Can we get a “Like”?


It’s that time of year again… Head on over to the site to check out TONS of new graduation speeches. Writer’s block, begone! Whether you’re graduating kindergarten or college, 123helpme has plenty of free speeches to get you started. Click the link below to see what you’re missing!


We will still be incorporating the most important aspects which includes one tweet on business, updates, coupons and fun interaction-but we need to offer more incentives. We need a giveaway.


Twitter will follow suite.


Social media encompasses countless websites and platforms. You  will be best served by participating in the top three platforms: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

 Facebook: Users tend to be middle- and upper-class young adults ages 18 to 34, though older generations are creating Facebook accounts in growing numbers. Facebook is the number-one photo sharing site in the world, and also offers users the option to upload video, blog posts and links to other content. We can create a group page with recent news, a discussion board, a calendar of events and links to officers’ and administrators’ personal Facebook accounts.

 YouTube: YouTube is the internet’s number-one video sharing site, with 35 percent of users between 18 and 34 years old. You  can create your own channel with organized playlists of videos that can be embedded anywhere on the net, increasing the potential for viral spread.

 Twitter: This microblogging platform allows users to make short, 140- character posts, which are then displayed in a feed along with the posts of other users to whom they’ve subscribed. Here we can post factual information, announce events and recent blog posts and interact with the Twitter community. By monitoring relevant keywords and phrases, You can also join conversations and suggest resources when appropriate.