How to Deal With Breach of Contract:PRT I

There were times in the past that I was unable to use a contract to get money back from clients who blatantly stole work that I had created. If you are the victim of such a crime then you know how it feels. Working as a freelanc writer after all is not a job you do just ot have a hobby. If it is, then lucky you. 

  • Keep your contract’s simple
  • Use sites to get information off of and use it.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the money they owe you
  • Join the writers guild (just remember there are strict guidelines-like published authors and journalists only)


After all of that then move toward sending it to them. Okay so now your clients have signed, but reneged on their part of the bargin. Well, did you include a kill fee? That way if you do have to stop working with them or they cancel the contract then the kill fee will come in handy. Perhaps, also charge for unusual changes in the contract.

Don’t feel guilty, because this is a business and if you don’t work at acting like it then you might as well have a free service.