Growing Pains

Too many times I have worked off of bid sites and read the reviews and advice that other writers have given the “newbies” and I thought to myself really? Really? You think that with no experience you can charge a client $55.00 for 500 words-and all you have for them to look at is a single sample article? Let’s get real because unfortunately people are extremely unrealtistic. You are not going to make a quick buck by gipping a client. Or trying to get rich quick, writing is a business, a hard one.

Without putting in the hard work you have nothing.

So do you have to work 18 hours a day?

Yes, because you are a nobody until you have proven yourself.

Do you have to work for low rates? If that is all you can get while you are writing daily, then yes.

When you land that job think about over delivering on it. Writers that consistently send more than they have too are seen as prepared, involved and of course professoinal. Sending the bare minimum is not going to fly in a global market. Don’t believe me? Try to compete on a bid site like

lt is all about growing pains. You have to develop the nerve to do this work. If everyone could do it they would. Second you have to have elephant skin. Thick, gray and oily (maybe) elephant skin. 

Do you have that?

Answer me this- Do you think it is realistic to charge a client $55.00 for 500 words ? When you have not ever landed a job?