Rejection is Healthy


It’s healthy to be rejected, to have several people turn you down. But, I understand that at the same time it is maddening. Every good writer has been turned down. Do not believe those people that litter the Internet with fables of making every client 100% happy. Why? Just look at the world around you, have you ever seen that in reality?


That’s because perfection is unattainable. It’s another story we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel horrible.

That is a trap, a trap that I want you to walk away from right now.

First, tell yourself it just was not meant to be. Look for the next person who would be interested in your work and let them know how awesome you are.

Remember, working as a writer takes guts. It is hard work and the difference between you and someone who takes this job for granted is that you are consistent. You are looking for more training, more marketing ideas and you are expanding your niche. Have a great Monday!

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Check out this infographic:

Source: via Ian on Pinterest