Freelance Tip #2 : Don’t Write For Money

Did I say that? Yes, again: do not do it only for the money. Money pays the bills, but if you are taking contract after contract solely for the money then you are sadly loosing out on the most important aspects of you entire writing career. You are crushing your ability to produce anything worth reading and slowly drowning yourself in a pool of sadness.

It’s depressing. 

Don’t do it.

Tips to write for money easily and happily:

1. Try to find niche topics that you are good at and that you love. If you love Harley’s blog about it. I’m sure that content will come out a lot nicer than a Harley enthusiast writing about cartoons.

2. Imagine yourself in a writing cloud. Or whatever makes it easier for you to write in the first place.

3. Get rid of distractions. SHut the door, reason with the unreasonables who live with you, whatever you have to do to get some peace and quiet do it.

4. Work like you are woking for someone else. Statistically, if you work for yourself you will be prone to giving in and having more breaks. But, if you work for other people. Then AHHH….. You seem to be more productive. Perhaps you are a product of Catholic school (I am) or a military training academy, where you were monitored and disciplined at all times. If you need that, imagine then Sister Mary behind you while you are working. You might get out content a lot faster.

Lastly, love what you write. I take each day as a challenge. For example, this week with the holidays I still managed to get my content out on my blogs (I own three).

I managed to get my client’s work out and am still able to promote my book (UNMAKE ME) shamelessly.

If you don’t have a copy you should.

I think that if we work each day like someone is watching, and write on topic then the content that you produce will be stellar. It will shine in the eyes of all who behold it and make you the better person for it. If you are struggling right now consider changing your path. Choose another niche and see where that takes you. After all each day is new and new days bring new content.