Making Money: Step 1-Having A Website

For most writers daily work involves contacting clients from the past, cold emails, and revamping your website. In every single day there are disappointments as well. You can easily bid on many, many jobs and never get a single response. The effect of course is devastating. It’s more important to never let this get you down.

People who are looking for writers are scouring the website looking for you. You need to have a website.

People look for you based on the content you can provide. They usually look at your site to see if you have any content that they can use.

I have had many, many clients that come to me based on the content that I have written. One client contacted me based solely on my blog posts. I have since been creating their blog content on a daily basis.

First you need to have a host. I personally love WordPress because it’s available at a great price and it is easily amended and updated. It rarely crashes and their customer service is excellent. Now that you have figured out that I love WordPress feel free to explore other options on your own.

All you have to know is that a website will get you the attention you deserve and you don’t have to make it overly complicated. All you have to do is have the passion to work. That’s all it takes. You don’t have to make it more than what you think it is. Just have  a blog, and an about site.

I prefer to be a little more over compensating, maybe because I just like to have more period. But, the best part about this is that it’s easy to begin.

Look for a website host, contact me if you have any questions.

The first step to getting your site spiffy is to outline what you want to have on there.