Creative Writing:: Unleashing Your Potential

Boggling yourself down with mundane contract after contract? I understand, it happens to all of use, rarely when you write for others do you find a niche for your own content. But everyday and every assignment you get is going to make you a better writer. Crafting content daily is just the tool you need to become the best that you can be.

I find creativity in the most odd places. This includes walking in the park with my kids, listening to a song on the radio and just being. Meditating or reading another book will also bring me the quiet my brain needs to find new topics to write about.

Like right now I am researching Selkie’s to write about an Irish legend of love and loss but I’m placing it in the current century. I would love to share more with you but it’s just not ready.

I love to draw my inspiration from the old myths and legends of our shared past becuase they are so vibrant-how else would they have lasted as long as they have.

Here are some links to awesome myth sites:

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Links to creative writing sources:

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