Tuesday’s Writing Lingo-Terms You Need To Know

Writers Guidelines: These are a set of terms that either a publishing house offers when they host a contest or the client has based on their parameters in the gig they offer.

Literary: This is clarified fiction that is moved forward by the characters that make it and not necessarily the plot.

Commercial fiction: Driven by plots alone.

Upmarket: The bridge that unites literary or character driven fiction and commercial fiction

SEO: Search Engine Optimization, a method of improving a document or website using engine produced and optimized keywords.

Copywriter: Writing text for most websites and creating.

Article writer: A jack of all trades, and most of my readers fall under this category. Article writers are able to research and create content on all niches.

Screenwriter: A writer that creates scripts for movies.

Lexicographer: Writers of a dictionary

Ghost Writer: A writer that writes text or eBooks and thereby gives that content to another to use under their names.

Hyperlink: A way to link all documents to another part of a document.

Glossary: Set of terms

E-learning: Content or courses that are posted online.