Top 5 Ways to Loose a Client

Having a client who is consistently dissatisfied is a trial. After all you are the one who has worked hard at jumping over those proverbial hoops for them. Right?  Most good writers understand that the clients are our bread and butter.

Clients may begin to become resentful in my experience if:

  • You let them know there is a difference between calling you out on a stylistic error and a grammatical one

  • Remind them you are the writer

  • Become quiet when they “need” you

  • Be reminded of a late bill

  • Have a single type on a corresponding email

  • See that you have worked hard, but still feel that the content is not what they want, so they are not entitled to pay

Other reasons you will loose a client include

You cannot reach the readers-or rather your work goes against them.Being a freelance writer is hard because it is extremely subjective

This can be a hard road to navigate. After all what is one man’s treasure is another man’s trash. So what happens when you submit that golden piece of work to your client and they are unhappy with it? Well it’s all subjective and that is the hard part about writing. Sadly, you just never know what to expect.

Client responses: “You know the word business’s should be businesses right?” (This in a case where business’s is possessive)

Client responses: “What are you saying in this? Did you even read my sample?” (You did, but apparently there was a miscommunication. In these cases I recommend creating a client worksheet.

Submitting sloppy work

Work that you did extremely fast, without accurate proofreading is going to get turned down, there is now way about it. Take your time, and develop a system.

Sending your client plagiarized work

Don’t say to your clients well that only took me 1 hour-letting the secrets of your skill out is like Ms. Mable giving the world her secret apple pie recipe.

Ripping yourself off!

Meaning don’t settle for any job, showcase your ability.

Work hard and get those clients what they need. If they want your to tweak it-then it is in your job description to do so. But, remember there is always a fine line between reason and manipulation. It’s like this everywhere not just in the freelance work.