The Power of Ten

Writing with only ten clients will get you ten more. It is that simple, make sure everyday to make a point to garner more leads.

But never forget that ten clients becomes ten more and then it grows again-exponentially in fact.

Be the best that you can be and work out every day-clear your head do not forget that we exercise out minds and we need to exercise out bodies as well.

How: Get off of the computer, jog, join an early morning yoga class.

Then imagine yourself in Ireland, the more you work toward it the more you will want to get there. That is my place, Ireland love it-though I have not made it there yet. My dream is to walk in Country Cork, gaze across the valleys and country, help out on a farm and document it all with the written word.

A great writer writes for themselves. Try that, on the weekends keep it clear for your writing, your own writing.