How To Get Clients To Pay

There are clients who delay payment, stop communicating altogether and in some cases simply put you off with statements like “I don’t have the funds now I will get back to you.” It’s extremely unprofessional. Perhaps has something to do with the type of client you take…as some writers will have you believe.

Writers work on these pieces because they need the money. They have mortgages, families and food to procure. Clients who consistently shag off their responsibilities as clients are hard to gauge. I guess that is the risk we all take as writers, editors…

Have you ever billed a client and then received silence in return? What do you do then? Well, first have them sign a contract, sign ,sign, sign!

Even the most seasoned pros have a hard time getting clients to pay. There are clients who are entitled to not pay, or in their minds they are. This is where a problem with bid sites comes into mind.

Okay so lets learn how to collect?

*Send a statement or letter collecting payment  of the invoice. Please note that 30-60 days cash flow problems exist typically with most firms.

*If a letter does not boost the process then it is time to call, have a letter and more.

Unfortunately the most we can expect from a client is honesty and will that happen.