Calling the News Desks: Your Friends or Foes?

This is so true

The PR Girl

When you’re working in the nonstop, always on-the-go world of PR, expect to put in some extra time during the weekends. That nice Saturday morning can turn into making phone calls, ensuring events run smoothly, clients are happy, etc. When you do have events during the weekend, it’s a given that you have to make your round of phone calls to the news desks and hope that you score media coverage. For those of you don’t know what the news desks are, it’s who you call to get a reporter or videographer out on the field. News desks assign story ideas to their crew to go out and cover. However, it can be a little intimidating making those calls since the person on the other line seems to always be in a rush and so eager to finish your conversation. Don’t get me wrong – there are plenty of nice…

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