Using Social Media To Get Noticed

Social media a paradox of purpose, right? Yes, of course it is. If you are going to begin doing anything to make your blog, or writing get noticed then you have to create content that really garners the attention of the social media world. Sites like Twitter, LinkedIN, Google + and Yelp are great placed to begin. Plus, using Google+ offers you the option of creating  a hangout. 

Do you know what you can do with all of this power?

Network and network some more, for every single tweet your make to your Twitter world then you should retweet nine of your followers content. It’s common courtesy and something that most beginners do not realize. The social sector can get quite hectic so always use an all in one site like Hootsutie, These sites are perfect for keeping order in your univrese. If you are a writer churning out riveting content daily then it can be confusing trying to figure out where you are going. No worries-Hootsuite to the rescue! SImply sign up and get involved. The only thing is that with sites like LinkedIN you really have to be active and get noticed by interacting with your groups and friending as many people in your field as you can.

Okay got it?

So we need to actively maintain accounts with:


*Google +



And there are some others that we cannot forget, for instance Slideshare, love it! It’s great because you can upload clear pictures of your work that really shows the world how awesome your content it.

Check it all out because you need it.