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It’s like the Island of Dr. Moreau meet’s the Matrix. Unmake a novel by Colette Davis is a carefully crafted tale of a young Dr’s journey to a mysterious island where humans are being genetically modified to become stronger, faster and indestructible. Dr. Julie Allen arrives at the Ching Corporations island as part of a panel of experts sent to determine if animal genes can successfully be manipulated in order to create the perfect human.


But when she begins working with a batch of creatures that were already horribly awry, she realizes that the corporation is using her and the crew. Her fellow members are caught in a deadly plot all in the name of money and greed. Her chance at freedom comes at a high cost, and along the way she looses her entire team. Will she be able to survive the Island? Will her team diaper in a volcanic eruption?


Unmake me is a science fiction novel set in the 22nd century. People of that time are perfect, because they can simply walk into a store and become that way. Want better teeth, theres a modification for that and that’s just the beginning. But life is not all its cracked up to be. There are dark things that turn the modification world. There are people, the natural borns being sold into slavery and genetically manipulated as case studies all in the name of greed. Those people are the unwashed, and those people are fighting back on the Ching corporations islands. Along the way Julie encounters a strange subject, a girl with dark eyes, who speaks without moving a muscle. She becomes the leader of the mutations, leading them onward in a bloody plot to revenge their lost humanity.


With each twist and turn, readers will be guessing what comes next. This is not your average science fiction story, and it’s not all unicorns and castles either. If you have anything to read this week, you need to pick up a copy of the eBook UnMake Me by Colette Davis. Now sold at online retailers.


Colette Davis is a 15 year veteran of the writing field, and has ghostwritten countless novels. This is her second novel and not her last. She resides in Kansas with her family.


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Unmake Me

Publication date: 2012


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