Blogging Mistakes That Will Cost You Readers

Everyone makes mistakes as a writer, and when we begin blogging we can get a bit lazy. Hey, it’s normal it happens. But  do not get lazy because that is a death sentence. Blogging takes daily writing, and sometimes it is important to write more than one post a day. The more you write the more people will find you on a search enginge. It just works that way, you post more and the search engines find you.

It’s really not as hard as it sounds. If you create a list of blog topics then you easily have ideas for content the week through. So make a list, post daily and make sure to let it go aftert that. Stop looking at your statistics, it’s only going to cause you to cry in your coffee. No person on this earth begins working with a bang, it takes a long time to get the work done and I understand that. It is important to work daily, put the distractions behind you and get the work done.

So remember these tips:

•Create a daily blog post

•Never give up

•Come up with five topics or more that you are going to write about daily.


Good luck!