Want To Have A Writing Career?

Everyone wants to say that they can write and most people think that anyone can do it. But if that was the case then novels would no longer be novel and everyone would create their own copy instead of hiring others (like me) to do it. Writing is an art form and it is actually easier to write your own work than to be a contract writer for hire.But if you have chosen my path then you have chosen a hard road indeed.


Contract writing is dynamic, nothing will ever be the same for one client as it is for another. This means if one client likes first personal casual writing, the other will want high brown academic. Once client will hate it when you use the word “But” and another will require it. One client will request a sample that relates to their work and will be disappointed when you cannot produce something for free. Clients are hard to gauge but never be disheartened because if you are a confident writer then it will be easy to move on.

But how can you get that confidence when it seems impossible to please your client?

Easy, go with the flow. Remember that not every client is the same as the last and you are not a bad writer because you cannot produce their unicorn at the first draft. If they could they would not be hiring out.

So take heart, good luck and good night.