Unmake Me

I am so pleased to announce the first edition of “Unmake Me”

Dr. Julie Allen is a biologist, specializing in cloning. When the Ching Corporation hires her to come to their island to work exclusively on creating a better human being, she jumps at the chance to further her career. Along the way she teams up with a team of scientists who are targets for experimentation and don’t even know it. Pair that with prisoners who became mutants, and an island lost in the atlantic and you have a tale that will haunt you forever. Will Julie escape? You will just have to read the book.

Exclusive excerpt:

Gene, had been her lover five years ago. Then it ended abruptly. She had been thinking of him more and more lately as his name would pass over her during research. He was her research partner and she hoped it would be more soon but it was just a dream. He was engaged to Sara Colbert now, and from what Julie had heard they were pretty happy. When Gene had lost his mother to breast cancer, he had become another person. Gone was his enthusiasm for the natural state of things, he became obsessed with eliminating cancer from the world. He used the serum that was in his own body naturally occurring Regen to see if that would work and he only become more and more depressed after each test subject came back with accelerated stage V tumors.They had a past relationship back when she was working on accelerated cloning. That was when he was engaged-Julie stopped she could not remember the day that she actually began going out with Gene. What is it? It was the most frustrating thing-going through the day clearly and then suddenly she would loose her mind.

Then it came back to her, they were working in the lab on something to do with cloning. She looked up at him smiled and he moved closer to her. His voice was soft, enticing and his arms moved ever closer to hers. She was moving closer to him and naturally they came together. He smiled up at her and she at him. She was the one who had initiated the kiss, dropped her transmittal recorder on the ground and held on to him tightly.


Want more? Find the book here:http://www.amazon.com/Unmake-Me-Volume-Colette-Davis/dp/1479246352