Making Money Writing

It’s been great you are getting paid by a reliable client who lets you know what they need and life is just peachy. Right? Well consider first what are you charging per 500 words? Is it at least enough to make a living wage? If not, then why are you doing it? When a freelance writer underbids and charges less for an article than someone who is working at McDonald’s makes how can the market move forward?

Working toward an ultimate goal-makeing a living writing is very frustrating for most. The bid sites are littered with “writers” who believe that charging $1.00 for 500 words—is reasonable. The majority of writers who work and live on bid sites are really getting undercut and underpaid. The bid site takes a cut of the money, the freelancer also has to pay to send the money to their accounts. So all in all after you wrangle that money from clients who are hard to squeeze money from in the first place you end up loosing out big time.

Clients who post jobs that say “I need a 4000 word article on binge eating.” Are setting you as the writer up for failure. They can turn around and change the parameters of  the work and then refuse to pay if the work is not 100% to their liking. It’s like getting an oil change complaining that you don’t like the oil and then demanding the mechanic refund the money back. Or it is like calling up the credit card company and complaining that they did not give you adequate milage rewards.

Either way the point of this is if you want to make money writing, look on sites like, and more. Type in the word “freelance” and go through the search process from there. Bid sites are not your bread and butter just a way to make some money at half the price.