Neil Armstrong Twitter

Neil Armstrong passed away at 82, the first US man on the moon and his name will be forever remembered. The John F. Kennedy Library has created a centralized Twitter tribute called  One Small Tweet.  The sites says that they are trying to recreate Neil Armstrong’s journey to the moon. Tweeters will see their Tweet on the website instantly, as they contribute to the journey.

Each time someon tweets #onesmalltweet it equals 100 miles of Neil’s journey.  As more and more people tweet the site will move closer to the moon.

We really wanted to echo Neil’s words — ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ — in our tribute,” Neel Williams, senior copy writer at the Martin Agency, told Mashable. “With a lot of people doing one small thing, like sending a tweet, we can collectively move hundreds of thousands of miles through space and recreate this amazing accomplishment from Neil’s life.”

People are going to infinity and beyond tweeting

in the sky w/ diamonds 

So Tweeters get your tweet on