I want to be rich and famous: Top Five Ways To Get There

Everyone else is doing it right? People are branding like no tomorrow with a five step fury. First research states that I have to have an idea of what I want to do. In this case it is writing, obviously. Second they say I need to master my domain. I am the master here! But not the master of the domain, they charge extra for that. The third step to becoming a 32 year old millionaire is working that social machine. Pinterest has not really given much to go by yet. I’m not sure what to pin. I mean should I be pinning a person with a pen? The layout options are pretty much drab for a writing form. But you will see it soon, because I am going to blog my way to the riches baby!
Possibly, or at least consistently blog.
Next we are told to go internet famous. How? Comment on other blogs, guest post,re-tweet other blgogers and interview famous bloggers for your site.
You guessed this: I’m working on ti! Oh and finally get Mogul. No not literally but the bigger I get the more I need to stay nailed down.
So there you have it:
•Establish the brand
•Create a domain name
•Work that social machine
•Get famous
•Go Mogul.
I can do it…maybe we should have the Pioneer woman on Historysmistress? Remember, you should be using the trio when you socialize on the sly. That is, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These should be your main focus for running you campaign. I also create campaigns for clients based on LinkedIn.


  1. My thoughts exactly, and my future goal. For the near future. Very near future.
    It’s gonna take a lot of practice and mistakes to reach the goal though. May we be laughing Britishly and drinking champagne in Bora Bora soon!

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