Comma’s Your WORST nightmare

Recently, I received an email from a reader who pointed out that my capacity was in question because of the abusive misuse of comma’s. I promptly replied stating that you and thank you again.

Comma’s ARE my  enemy.


As the end of my 18 hour work day draws to an end I am likening them to a missing tooth or wearing ones underwear on their head.

Besides the fact that they are useful, help us pause reflect and categorize they still have archaic functions. On top of that if you are not reading up on what’s the common form now and are following an American English grammar usage guide form 1960 you will quickly be slapped, thrown out of the bar and forever be branded as a horrible, horrible write.r

Yes, we writers tear each other apart. It’s a cannibalism in it’s most heightened capacity. Either that or it is simply because we like to hear ourselves speak. Have you ever noticed how many times writers tout their degrees? Or perhaps the fact that they will never charge less than $45.00 an hour because you know they were after all published in Section E of USA Today.

Really? Comma’s are important, spelling is important-it’s my DNA brought alive with my fingertips.

But, the community that prey’s on each other is simply like slapping at another mosquito. As an overly sensitive writer, I’ve had my hands bashed by others in the past. But, I bandaged them, and BEGAN sweeping the keys again.

One other thing, how is it that people who are not writers are suddenly writers? Take an insurance agent suddenly commenting on the form and prose of a sonnet? Though they have never written one themselves and have no background in the form=people still listen to them?

My career is by choice-I began writing when I was only 9, unfortunately for my parents that was the first time I sneaked a copy of Stephen King’s Carrie into my Little House on the Prairie Collection. Needless to say, I was tainted.

Loving to write, writing what you love, writing all of that is why I do what I do. But comma’s they love me somedays and other days they try to assassinate me.