Several Common Miscommunications

Working with clients halfway around the globe or in your own back yard can be challenging. In fact, it’s downright frustrating at times. Why? As a freelance consultant, I want to ensure that I give my clients the best copy, script, research,web design…that there is. But, with vague insinuations and a repeatedly evasive answer it’s hard. But, I know too that it can be hard for the client as well.

After all clients may come into the contract with no idea how they want their copy to look. That’s okay too, because why else would you be searching for someone like me? You need a professional to write your copy!

So now that we have cleared that up, let’s understand something. First always be honest, never evasive. Simply tell your contractor ‘I have no clue,’ that might be a refreshing statement. Or let them know that the copy that they received based on the regulations they provided you with was not what you wanted. Be professional, and always continue to work together to achieve that shiny new piece of copy.

Freelance writers, like myself and my colleagues have worked on many documents in almost every niche. We have come into contact with all clients, but we want to create copy that you want or we would not be in business. After all if you are a freelancer and you are bristling up when a client offers you comments that basically state that your “style” is not their own—its time to say: “okay what is your style?”

So clients “what is your style?”