Have you ever had a client who?

I love my work, I really do and for potential clients I love you as well. I have to say though that in some cases a bad apple can ruin the bunch. But such is life, in every mode that human beings operate in there will always be someone who does not like you’re writing, your work or your personality.


But I say that on behalf of the freelance writer professionalism must be your point of fact. Let’s highlight a recent example of this:

Client: Can you create some metaphorical vows for me at 40 lines each?

Me: Sure I can-my rate is 50.00 per.

Client: Can you send me a sample

Me: Yes, a short one though-(sent four lines of flowery gushing love)

Client: Great will you start now-I have sent you an upfront payment of 13.00

Me: okay here you go (sent in one for the bride and another for the groom)

Client: Too nature and metaphorical. Could you make it something human like Genesis?

Me: You literally want it like the book of Genesis?

Client: Human, and not more than 15 words.

Me: Okay… here you go like genesis..(sent it in)

Client: Don’t bother I sent in my own to the officiate

Me: Well, I will require the payment for the work completed

Client: You did not do it the way I wanted it

Me: Payment please

Client: I cannot believe you are a writer, my english teacher said that too many words make bad writing.

Me: Payment?

Client:I am not paying you.

Me: So you expect to go to a restaurant eat and leave because you decided you made meatloaf at home-so you shouldn’t have to pay for your meal right?


Then-to make a long, long conversation short and to continue ranting (sorry everyone) The client came back after two days and wanted me to create more vows for him (even though he said he gave it to the officiate already). I refused and requested payment. Days went by and again today in fact, the client typed back in big, menacing angry words: I FIRED YOU.

Clients, if you set up a contract remember it is legally binding. If you do not like something-talk with your writer about it and come to terms. However, make sure that there is a kill clause in the verbiage (writers) that way you will receive payment.

All I can say is have a great day and Payment?