Freelance Writing Jobs

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I wanted to share an article with you from their site. When people ask me what I do for a living I say, I am a writer. Their response “What do you write?” I tell them everything and anything and they smirk. Well, I do! We all do right? There are very few non-writers that understand the daily grind of a freelance contract writer, we dabble in everything. Even though a mentor will state that you need to find a niche market, you will still have to pick up odd jobs here and there until you have figuratively “made it”

You might be a writer if you:

  • can rattle off a hundred different ways to say the same thing
  • can’t concentrate during a lecture/presentation/sermon because you keep getting distracted by the speaker’s mistakes
  • employ non-standard usage, simply because you know the rules, and you feel that you can get away with it
  • sigh if you see words such as “stuffs” (used as noun)