Working All Day

Today, I pulled a long hard haul. I have found that many clients are looking for small jobs right now, and that too is fine. I welcome all tasks, and take them on with pleasure.

My fellow freelancers on certain bid sites, feel that charging upwards of 60.00 per hour or 60.00 per article is where I should be. I worked for a newspaper and never attained that much for daily task reports of 4,000 words. The jobs will not be steady, and I know that especially if my clients who are on budgets cannot afford those unreasonable prices.

So here is what I propose:

1. Hire me and you will not spend 60.00 on an article that I can write for 45.00.

2. Look at the quality you are getting, the SEO content will be there at a 4% density, sure. But, is it fun to read? Reading and writing are not simply about the amount of words on a page. They are about the voices each word invokes within the readers mind.

3. I invoke your mind, and am looking for new clients daily.

4. I am a Native English speaker, yes.

5. I do not outsource or spin content. If you hire someone to do this, you are plagiarizing.

6. Writing is not fast food, nor should people charge only 5.54 per hour (less than minimum wage)

7. Clients should not think that cheapest is best.

8. If you are working off a bid site FUND THE ESCROW.

9. If you are unhappy with an article, tell me why and we can fix the first draft for free.

10. Do not think I will not consider you a client because you cannot pay me enough money to have my fortress in Spain.

Happy Monday all-I pulled a 16 hour day!