Getting Accounts Updated

I have realized that I needed to put together accounts that highlight my writing , creativism and just because they are fun. So, tonight I set about putting together a squidoo account, hub page, cafe press account and more. I am a bit confused about the Cafe press account because I am not to sure what I want to make for a “Wicked Cool” graphic.

It has to highlight New England, my homeland; but it cannot simply highlight eastern Masschusetts- because that area is not all of Massachusetts. Despite the fact that everywhere I have ever been people believe that a Massachusetts person lives incredibly close to Boston. Not true-I am from western Massachusetts which is nowhere near Boston.

Most people also think that we all say “pak the cah in havahd yahd”- NOOO.  Many of us have no accent at all, only Bostonians have the luxury of sounding like something at all. Instead, we get a little nasal, some guttural burps and that is it. Yea unto you if you think that we are cavemen-because we are not!

So, thus tonight after developing a million new accounts, webpages and sites-I am left with the empty feeling that I did not accomplish anything because I cannot wrap my mind around a great graphic for Massachusetts.

Massachusetts women as a rule adhere too strongly to old-time conventions.
Julia Ward Howe